SmartLink Wall Switch Module - FB

SmartLink Wall Switch Module - FB
Product Description
  • Powered by DALI Bus
  • 4 sets of external switch buttons
  • Mono-color feedback/indicator supported
  • Small size, easy fitting
  • DALI-2/IEC 62386 101, 103, 301, 332 (Feedback)
  • Smart Link Engine Application Controller installed
  • Suitable for home and office


Technical Data

Input/DALI Voltage DALI bus standard
Current 20mA with 4 indicators on, 4mA with indicators off
Startup Time 1 second
Controls Button Dry switch x4, common high
Indicator Single LED per channel, max 5mA, common high 4V
Environment Temperature Ta: -30...+50℃
Humidity 20...95%
Storage -40...+80℃, 10...95%
Dimming DALI IEC 62386 101, 103, 301, 332
Feedback Mono color, dimmable
Others Dimension 27*18*9mm



Wiring and circuit diagram

  • Switch buttons and indicators are sharing their common high. The common high voltage can be 4~5V.
  • Each indicator and button must be its pair order. DALI feedback function is to each button as a pair.
  • Do not inject any power source to the button and indicator pins.
  • All wiring is recommended to be done with main power source is off.
  • DA/DA wires are for DALI bus wires, and they are cataloged FELV, and should be connected to FELV circuit.

Wiring cable and cross section

The cable cross-section of each terminal can be 0.75...2.5mm2, and the wire preparation length can be10.0…11.0mm. Each terminal should be used one wire only.

Hot plug-in

Hot plug-in may be done with protective gloves. But, it is recommended to remove its power before installation, wiring and repairing.

Usage and install

The converter is designed for converting existing wall-switches to be a DALI wall-switches, and benefit both advantages.