Dali Dc-Dc Led Driver

Dali Dc-Dc Led Driver
Product Description
  • Input12~48V DC
  • Output I: 100 mA~1A, Configurable
  • Protection: Open, Short, Thermal, Load change
  • Eye-Protection Dimming
  • DALI Interface: IEC 62386-102, 207
  • Global safety compliant
  • Suitable for home and office


Output Voltage 3V~ Input -3V 3V~ Input -3V
Max Current 1A 500mA
Min Current 550mA 100mA
Max Power 40W 25W
Ripple I <80mA
Input Voltage 12V~50V
Efficiency >90% >85%
Inrush I N/A
Leak I <0.75mA
Standby <0.5W
Standby <0.5W
Protection Short LED VF <2V, configurable
Open LED VF > (Input-2V), configurable
Load change Detectable
Working Environment Temperature -30 ~ +40℃
Humidity 20 ~ 95%
Storage -40 ~ 80℃, 10 ~ 95%
Dimming DALI DDALI IEC 62386-102,207
Dimming mode Dual Mode: PWM with 0.05% mi, Eye-protection with 1% min

Wiring Diagram


Switch Table

Switch 1 +30mA +25mA
Switch 2 +60mA +50mA
Switch 3 +120mA +100mA
Switch 4 +240mA +200mA

Block Diagram