Dali Ac Hybrid Relay And Analog

Dali Ac Hybrid Relay And Analog
Product Description
  • AC Universal input
  • 0~10V analog, 1~10V analog and 10V PWM Output
  • Relays included, max 30Aoutput
  • (Resistive load 30A, Others 15A)
  • Zero-V Turn On, Single Relay or Signal mode
  • Hybrid Relay designed, Anti Inrush Current
  • Multiple wiring solution, Current Protection
  • DALI IEC 62386 Compliant
  • Global safety compliant
  • Suitable for home and office


Output Signal Type 10V PWM 0-10V 1-10V
Signal I 40mA
Relay1 Reed Relay 30A, Contact material AgSnO
Relay 2 SSR 600V, 16A normal, 160A start
Load Normal 10A with Anti-Inrush Current
Input Voltage 100 ~ 220V AC
Leakage <0.75mA
Standby W <1W
Protection Short Programmable overload protection
Open Programmable open detection, including analog port
Load detect With an external current sensor
Operating Environment Temperature -30 ~ +40℃
Humidity 20 ~ 95%
Storage -40 ~ 80℃, 10 ~ 95%
Dimming DALI DALI IEC 62386-102
DALI IEC 62386-102 10V PWM + Relay 0-10V + Relay 1-10V + Relay

Wiring Diagram


Block Diagram