Artilect Smart Touch Wall Switch - US

Artilect Smart Touch Wall Switch - US
Product Description
  • Capacitive touch wall switches
  • RGB indicators on each button
  • Face color available in white and black
  • Power option of DALI bus or DC input
  • DALI-2/IEC 62386 103, 301
  • 332 Feedback is available in customized mode
  • Support application controller of Smart Link Engine.
  • Global safety compliant, suitable for home and office.


Technical Data

Face Button 1 ~ 6 buttons 1 2 3 6
Indicator RGB
Color White
Input Voltage 12 ~ 24V DC DALI Bus
Current 5 ~ 40mA 7mA 11mA 15mA 27mA
DALI Bus Current < 2 mA 7mA 11mA 15mA 27mA
Environment Temperature -30 ~ +45℃
Humidity 20 ~ 95%
Storage -40 ~ +80℃,10 ~ 95%
Interface DALI DALI-2 IEC 62386 101, 103, 301, 332
Other Smart Engine Smart Linke Engine
Dimension 120*72*25mm
Startup time < 1 second



Wiring and circuit diagram

  • For DALI bused touch switches, use common-ground DALI bus power supply for better stability. Floating ground may cause mis-detection or sensitive error.
  • For better EMC and touch sense, keep wires out of high inductive area to avoid high radiation interference.
  • DA/DA terminals are for DALI bus wires, and they are cataloged FELV, and should be connected to FELV circuit.
  • The isolation between DC and DALI bus is FELV only.

Usage and install

It is recommended to power-off during repairing and installation to avoid electronic shock.

Extra care during installation is needed to avoid damage to glass.



This wall switch has equipped Artilect SmartLink Application Controller (Smart Link Engine), and its parameters can be configured via DALI memory banks or by Artilect Configuration tool. Please refer to Configuration Manual for more information.


Warning / Caution !!

  • Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard. All failure should be examined by a qualified technician. Please do not remove the case of the power supply by yourself!
  • The openings should be protected from foreign objects or dripping liquids.
  • Please do not install touch wall switches in places with high ambient temperature or close to fire source. Please refer to the specifications about the maximum ambient temperature limitations.
  • Total working current must not exceed the DALI bus supply’s limit.
  • The DALI is designed as FELV circuit, and electronic protection is made with its case and glasses. Any damage is advised to replace with a new unit. Fixing or repairing its case or glass is not recommended.